Sleipnir III

a Gary Lidgard design, custom made for our idea of cruising

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Raz de Sein

Time to move We have 2 months to enjoy southern Bretagne before we head into Loctudy to tie up to a pontoon and switch the heating on. We don’t want to move far, just venture into some spots that – funny enough – we haven’t seen yet although we have lived in the area. Mainly…

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About us

Michael and Ellen, Europeans turned Australians.
Both sailing since teenage age, Michael sailed international Moth and Ellen classic wooden boats. Since 1990 we sail together with long work-life interruptions, just like everyone we got to earn a living.
In 1999 we sailed Sleipnir II, our last cat, to the Caribbean and started collecting ideas for Sleipnir III. We decided to sail Sleipnir II back to Europe and sell to build Sleipnir III for which we migrated to Australia in 2003.
Since 2016 we are live aboard cruisers again, Sleipnir III this time.