time: 3/08/2020 14:51 UTC
position: 46°10.27’N 012°46.47’W
course: 099T
speed: 1.7 knt

After an uncomfortable night with strong winds (trysail!) we sit again in the calm.. don’t remember this part of the world being so wet and grey in the middle of summer :-). It was real ‘close the door’ weather and everything is encrusted in salt again.
We ripped the clew out of the main two nights ago, so maximum mainsail is 1st reef and the screecher died between Cape Town and St Helena. Being so underpowered doesn’t really cause as much of a problem as expected, because this leg has so far given us a lot of wind or none whatsoever. Time to see a sailmaker.
Got this habit of watching movies – Waterworld made me crack up laughing, really silly movie, but since Ascension Island we fully understand that people kill for tomatoes :-).