Sleipnir III is a custom design, made for our idea of cruising. Gary Lidgard produced the plans for construction with Epoxy/Balsa composite panels DuFLEX®.

Length 14.90
Width 7.60
Draft 1.10 ( 2.10 Dagger boards down)
Weight 8t fully loaded, 2t payload
Material Epoxy composite (Duflex panels, Balsa core, foam core in areas, Carbon front beam and chainplates, Kevlar lower hull).

Safety was a big aspect during the construction
Conservative rig (you cannot reef your mast) and storm sails ready to hoist anytime
Over 50 watertight compartments
Sacrificial bows
Kevlar up to 10 cm above the waterline

Performance capability makes for comfortable offshore cruising
Dagger boards for windward performance
Low windage
1.10 bridge deck clearance for minimal slamming in rough seas
Sheltered inner cockpit
2 Steering positions for fun sailing and harbour manoeuvres with a full view of the sails and the horizon – these ones are not sheltered

Creature comfort, not built for charter but for living onboard
A big galley (down so we can cook in rough weather)
Big bathroom with a real shower compartment
2.10 long bed with spring mattress
Dedicated bicycle locker

Launched in 2008 and we still love her.